A.M. Mayhem: The Story of Tucson’s Power 1490


Ever wonder where Sunday Night Slow Jams got its start?  It was here: a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the Arizona desert.  R Dub!, then a high school student, debuted his Sunday Night Slow Jams on a hot summer night in July of 1994.

Slow Jams aside, the story of this radio station is nothing short of incredible.  And now that story is documented in a full-length feature film.

Produced and directed by R Dub!, this long-awaited, tell-all documentary narrating the history of Tucson’s first Hip-Hop radio station, Power 1490. From its inception and debut year on the air, to the height of its success, to the station’s demise and format flip – that until now had gone unexplained – A.M. Mayhem is the movie that addresses all the unanswered questions and dives into the juicy details of one special A.M. radio station that brought hip-hop music to Tucson, Arizona, when no one else would. Hear no-holds-barred accounts of the Power 1490 vs. KRQ radio war from the people who fought on the front-line, listen to lost clips of Power broadcasts and get the full story on why Power 1490 disappeared without a trace.

“One word: Magic. It tells a story that even those of us who have had the experience may not have realized the impact. Inspiring, fun, emotional, nostalgic and just a little bit sad. This is a MUST SEE for radio people (jocks, programmers, management, consultants and wannabes) and radio fans.”
-Bobby Rich

“A story that every person in radio should see.”
-Chris Patyk

“You guys were visionaries and rebels with a mission.  Very inspiring & motivating!”
-Chez Rod

“You skillfully captured the passion that a collective group of friends created out of a love for radio as it should be.”
-Rik Medran

“Seeing your documentary made me feel almost as if I was back in that time living it again, if only for a couple of hours.”
-Brett Linden