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Custom Coaching and Consulting

R Dub! is available for limited one-on-one consultations to help create, launch, syndicate and grow your show.

While most everything is indeed in this book, sometimes the added comfort and convenience of having an expert ride with you every step of the way can be of great help and encouragement.

R Dub! offers custom-tailored consultation packages to fit almost every budget and show size, and like the book, complete and candid honesty is at the forefront of every consultation. He’s not just here to take your money and tell you that your show is great – instead, he’s ready to have some tough conversations if need be, and help you avoid wasting valuable time and money.

Read the book FIRST. Then if you need us, we’ll be here.

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Go Syndicate Yourself!

Veteran programmer and syndicated host Randy “R Dub!” Williams takes you behind the microphone and into the world of network syndication. His second tell-all book serves as a virtual how-to manual and detailed course covering the ins and outs of this exhilarating yet often mysterious business. From laying down the broad foundation of how the industry works—in layman’s terms—to getting deep into the weeds, Williams takes the reader by the hand through six main steps and countless secrets, delivered from both a talent’s and program director’s perspective. From production, formatics, presentation and delivery…to the burning question, “How do I get a syndication deal?”, there isn’t an element of the entire process that’s not poked, prodded, examined and explored. In addition to Williams’ clear and proven instructions, the book welcomes the wisdom of today’s top syndicated hosts, the network execs who sign on new shows, and the programming VPs looking for outside talent. If you have a great show and are ready to take it—and your life—to the next stage, grab this book and GO SYNDICATE YOURSELF!

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Coast to Coast: The Radio DJs Syndication How-To Guide

The essential how-to guide for any radio personality seeking syndication! Whether you’re a talker, music-based DJ, mixer, or offer a service like imaging or show prep, Coast to Coast spells out each step from A to Z, on how to sucessfully syndicate your show or service. Written by a syndicated radio host who is also president of a syndication company and a major-market program director, Coast To Coast gives you every side of the syndication game: from putting together your show and building a home studio, to pitching your product to stations and shopping for a syndication deal. Includes a chapter of real-life stories of America’s top syndicated hosts, from Dr. Laura to The Baka Boyz. Learn first hand from syndicated stars in all formats, and even VPs of the top syndication companies, as Coast to Coast picks their brain on the keys to syndication success. The “Tool Box” section lists hundreds of contacts including heads of programming at every syndication company in the US!

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A.M. Mayhem: The Untold Story of Tucson's Power 1490AM (DVD)

A.M. Mayhem is the long-awaited, tell-all documentary, narrating the history of Tucson’s first Hip-Hop radio station, Power 1490. From its inception and debut year on the air, to the height of its success, to the station’s demise and format flip–that until now had gone unexplained–A.M. Mayhem addresses all the unanswered questions and dives into the juicy details of one… special A.M. radio station that brought Hip-Hop to the desert-town of Tucson, Arizona, when no one else would. See exclusive interviews from the original Power 1490 crew including Bruce St. James, M.C. Boogie D, Gary The Sandman, Slick, Brett Tha Man, R Dub, and more. Hear no-holds-barred accounts of the 1490 vs. KRQ radio war from the people who fought on the front-line. Listen to lost clips of Power 1490 broadcasts, and get the full-story on why the station disappeared without a trace one day. A must see for anyone who: loved the 90s, loves Hip-Hop or loves radio.

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The Very Best of Sunday Night Slow Jams

It’s here…the most requested Sunday Night Slow Jams…on ONE CD! Hand-picked by R Dub!, Sunday Night Slow Jams features 13 amazing Sunday Night Slow Jams classics:

K-Ci & JoJo – All My Life
Immature – Never Lie
Georgio – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone
Jodeci – Stay
Tony! Toni! Toné! – It Never Rains In Southern California
New Edition – Can You Stand The Rain?
Bobby Brown – Rock Wit’cha
Ralph Tresvant – Do What I Gotta Do
Boyz II Men – End Of The Road
Case – Missing You
Jodeci – Come & Talk To Me
DeBarge – Let’s Chill
Sisqo – Incomplete

Why a CD? Why not just download the music?

There’s something special about a well-put together CD. The packaging, the insert, the notes, the graphics…a special message from R Dub! inside. Downloads are nice…but now and then there’s that special album that comes along that just deserves to be purchased in the physical form. This is it.

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Randy ``R Dub!`` Williams

Award-winning radio personality, program director, syndicator and entrepreneur, Randy “R Dub!” Williams has been in the radio game since the age of 15. His over 25 years in the business include successful stops in Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego, both on the air and in the programming chair. His 2009 syndication book Coast to Coast helped pave the way for many up-and-coming syndicated talents, while his 2011 radio documentary “A.M. Mayhem” has received numerous awards. Today, his Slow Jams empire includes four different radio shows heard on over 200 stations in 17 countries.