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  • Radio Fam Promo for first 100: Own the hardcover at paperback price
  • Use paypal (use ``buy here`` button below) or pay via Venmo to: @sundaynightslowjams (add $5.00 shipping)
  • Radio Fam Limited Edition - Less than 1,000 printed
  • Includes full-color dust jacket
  • Durable blue linen binding
  • Self Defense - Use as a Weapon!
  • Access to Readers Only web portal
  • Radio Fam Promo: $49.99 special price for first 100 only!

Because you deserve the best. You're the type of person to go ahead and order guacamole ``for extra`` at get that nine-dollar Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato at Starschmucks...and you say yes, ``I WILL add that 99-cent car-fragrance upgrade`` at the car wash...because I WANT my car to smell like Summer-Vanilla-Cinnamon-Fields!

Radio Fam wants their followers to have the best, so we partnered to offer Radio fam followers this awesome hardcover edition at the paperback price. Besides the durable, quality ``hard cover,`` each book includes luxurious, linen binding and a full-cover, 100 Pt. coated silk laminate dust cover. Both the dustcover and book are foil-stamped. So sexy.

We're living in tough times. Civil unrest, violent protests, riots, etc. Whether you're a protester, a rioter, or simply defending your home or business FROM the protesters and rioters, you'll be surprised how much this thick, heavy book can come in handy at a moment's notice!

Slip it into your shirt to stop pesky rubber bullets, hurl it at your enemy like a giant, ninja throwing star, or hit someone over the head with it. Of course, we never encourage violence and it should only be used as a last resort for defense.

A better option, why not ask your enemy to sit down with you over a cup of tea and offer to read them some of your favorite parts of the book. Chances are, you'll be best friends in no time, and your enemy might even decide to put down the Molotov cocktail and start his own syndicated radio show about Molotov cocktails! You're welcome!

Randy ``R Dub!`` Williams

Award-winning radio personality, program director, syndicator and entrepreneur, Randy “R Dub!” Williams has been in the radio game since the age of 15. His over 25 years in the business include successful stops in Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego, both on the air and in the programming chair. His 2009 syndication book, Coast to Coast helped pave the way for many up-and-coming syndicated talents while his 2011 radio documentary, “A.M. Mayhem” has received numerous awards. Today, his Slow Jams empire includes four different radio shows heard on over 200 stations in 17 countries.