Well hello there! Holy crap, you bought my book (or received a comp, that’s cool too)! First off, a sincere “thank you.” I put a lot of work into this second book, and I’m thrilled you have a copy in your hands!

Writing a specialty book, so niche as a “how-to” radio syndication manual will most likely sell just a few hundred copies. Not only will I not make money on this project, but after printing and advertising, I’m in the hole! But that’s not a complaint – just like Sunday Night Slow Jams, my motivation for this project is not money! Radio (including writing about it) has also been a LOVE first.

That being said, would you be so kind as to please leave a review on Amazon for this book? I would be so appreciative if you could. Bonus points if you can shout-out this book on your social media, so your fellow radio peeps can learn about the book. I need all the eyes I can get on this book, and your review and social media love will really help. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy this special “Readers’ Only” portal. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions wherever you need to inside this members’ only section – I’ll answer as quickly as I can. And check back often…I’ll be updating this portal with new info and content whenever applicable, including book updates as the industry evolves.

Most importantly, do tell me how your syndication journey is going – I’d love your updates along the way!


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