FTP & Delivery Options

Today it’s easier, cheaper and more efficient than ever to get your programs and content out to radio stations. Here are a few providers, ranging from free to expensive…
Make sure to review the chapter in the book about the pros and cons to different distribution methods (page 63). That will give you a run down of which method (ftp, satellite, Mr. Master, etc.) might be right for you.

ftp / upload-download websites:


Google Drive

Amazon Drive




HERE is a cool article comparing some different file sharing websites, in detail.

Satellite Providers:

Orbital Media Networks

Premiere Networks

Skyview Networks

Westwood One

Questions about satellite delivery? Holler at my friend Josh Leng at Talk Media Network. He is the man.

Mr. Master content delivery:

I freakin’ adore Mr. Master. Refer to page 63 for all the reasons why. In the meantime, below is their contact info (website) and even a video about their awesome AIM software.

Mr. Master

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